Cooking a pot of rice is a very simple process followed by very simple steps. The process is not hard, especially when billions of people do it accurately every day without any problem, but there are so many ways that these methods can go wrong as well!

The most effective method to get rid of these problems is purchasing a good rice cooker and using it for rice cooking. A good rice cooker will give better quality rice with minimum process problems. Even a good rice cooker can eliminate the cooking fuss, there exists one little problem with most rice cookers – that is sometimes your cooked rice sticking to the bottom of the cooking container. Some rice cooker brands and models are more subjected to stick the rice to the bottom.

The good news is there are so many simple methods that you can use to overcome from this fuss!

  • The non-stick cooking pot is the best help you get to prevent rice sticking. So the rice cookers which have the non-stick container are one of the best solutions to this problem. If you are currently using a conventional type rice cooker it is really worth upgrading your cooker to a new version with non-stick pot.
  • We understand that everyone washes rice before cooking, but there is a secret! Each rice type, there is powdery starch which is mixed with rice, which is washed away with every rinsing. If washing and rinsing is not completed properly the powder makes rice stick to the cooker pot. Soaking rice for a few minutes in clean water and rinsing properly a few times until the drain water color is clear, will give you a better solution to rice sticking at cooking.
  • As everyone knows, Pan Spray and butter do a big job at cooking. You can apply that also here to prevent the rice sticking in the bottom of your cooking pot. Spraying a pan spray to the cooking pot or rub a piece of butter lightly inside the pot before putting rice and water. This will convert your normal cooking pot very similar to a non-stick pot by keeping an oily layer on the inside surface.
  • Using lemon is another way. Add a few drops of lemon juice (a teaspoon approximately) to your rice and water and do the cooking. This lime base will help to prevent rice sticking to the pot. At the same time the lemon juice will help keep your rice beautifully white, which makes your food look even tastier.
  • The correct ratio between water and rice prevents your rice sticking to the pot up to some level. If you like to have rice in very soft form the ratio has to be rice (1): water (2), but if you wish to make rice a little harder the ratio has to be rice (1): water (1.5). But this is depending on the cooker type and the rice type you use, so always double check!
  • The next precaution you have to take after cooking only. You know once cooking is done the rice cooker mode will change from “cook” to “warm”. After the mode change, allow the cooked rice to stay in the pot for 10-20 minutes before scooping. The waiting time helps to disperse the steam which got trapped in the rice though the grain. And this steam will go in the stuck on rice at the bottom of the pot and rice will gently loosen from bottom and prevent sticking. The resting time will give a change to rice starches cool and go back to their previous structure. So that also will stop rice sticking at the bottom of the pot. Finally open the lid of the cooker and fluff the rice with a fork then the rice will hold in the normal shape to prevent break into sticky paste.
  • Do the bulk cooking than cooking in small batches. It will not only individually help to prevent sticking but it will give you enough reaming rice to eat after removing the scorched part.

Misconceptions of selecting your rice cooker!

What if you buy a fancy costly rice cooker to overcome this problem? Do you think that it will help you to prevent rice sticking to the cooking pot? The answer is “NO”. If you consider only preventing rice sticking at the cooking stage you have to buy a cooker which has a non-stick pot only. In the current market you may find several fancy products with high prices but those are designed with new technology to do various types of cooking such as sushi, porridge, and more. So don’t go behind the price, but just check what you really need! When you select the cookers check the warrants and guarantees you get because sometimes these nonstick linings also can be scratched and worn with the time.

Best practices to protect your cooker!

Use a wooden or nylon spoon or a silicone “spoonula” to remove cooked rice from the cooker. Because these types of spoons prevent scratching the pot surface. Once the surface is scratched the rice is more likely to stick to the pot!

To make sure your cooker lasts longer make sure you use the correct cleaning method as well. The metal utensils will damage the surface by scratching. So you can use non abrasive cleansers and nylon scrubbing pads to do better cleaning. This will help you to minimize the hassle with getting sticky rice!